Niti Taylor: It was a little shocking for me!


Mumbai, July 31 -- Daily soaps often have many twists and turns over their long storylines, but actor Niti Taylor encountered a twist in real life when she was told by the producers that her character in her current TV show would be killed off. 
The 22-year-old actor says her co-stars will miss her, but she does admit that rumours about her throwing tantrums might eventually affect her public image. Excerpts from an interview:
Why did you quit your TV show?
Basically, there was a change in the storyline and that's why my character Shivani has to die. I was not aware that such changes would come up in the story. I had a discussion with the channel and the producers, and I was told about the decision on the same day. It was a little shocking for me (laughs), but life goes on. I am sure that the new girl who does the show now will kill it.
To sustain ratings, actors are replaced and characters are killed off overnight. As an actor, does that make you insecure in the industry?
It is a big part of the industry. If the ratings are not as expected, either the writer or director will shake things up.
There have been reports about problems between you and costar Parth Samthaan while you were shooting for Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. It was also reported that things aren't going well with your co-stars Param Singh and Vikas Manaktala in the current show...
They were all rumours.
Do such reports and rumours affect your image?
I really think they do. One report comes out and everyone picks it up without verifying it, and soon, it goes viral. The next thing you know, people think, 'She has problems with co-stars. How will she work in our project?' I am the last one to throw tantrums; you can ask anyone on the set. When people learnt that I would no longer be a part of the show, many co-actors told me that they were sad and didn't want me to leave. I'm sure I have affected a lot of people's lives, because I spread happiness wherever I go. Negative things do happen, but once you meet me, you would know they [the rumours] are not real.
What's next for you?
This was a sudden decision, so I don't have anything else planned. I will go on a holiday for sure. I will go to Cape Town in South Africa and have a wildlife adventure.