My wife and I are the best of friends: Himanshu Soni


New Delhi, March 2 -- Television actor Himanshu Soni who tied the knot end of last year, says that he and his wife Sheetal Singh are best friends.

"The best part of our marriage is that neither of us has changed at all. We are like the best of friends. We party every night. We have given each other space and yet spend quality time with each other. So, nothing has changed after marriage for us," he says.

Talking about how he met Sheetal, Himanshu, who is famous for his role in the TV show Buddha, says that it was love at first sight. "We first met on the sets of a TV show. She was taking my audition, after which she negotiated my deal. I fell for her and made sure to spend some time with her," he says, adding, "Sheetal is intelligent, mature and a perfectionist."

Although the life of a TV actor is hectic, Himanshu ensures that he takes out time for his wife. "We do have long schedules, but I am trying my best to balance my personal and professional life," he says.

The two visited Shimla during their honeymoon, and the actor says that he had an amazing time there. "The weather there was just perfect with clear skies. The air was so clean, which we don't get in Mumbai because of the pollution," he says.