My mother thought that I would fail as an actor: Deepika Singh


New Delhi, July 3 -- Actor Deepika Singh is now a familiar household name. However she says that initially, her mother was not very comfortable with her decision to become an actor.

"When I came to Mumbai initially, my mother would often call me and tell me that I would fail as an actor. My mom told me, 'Have you seen your height, you will never be able to make it big. In fact, when I told them that I bagged the lead role in my show, she was convinced that someone was trying to fool me. I also got convinced and thought she might be right!" says Deepika, who plays the role of an IPS officer in a popular TV show.

The actor says that she remembers struggling a lot in her early days. "I completely stopped shopping. I used to watch films all night, as I felt this would help me work on my acting skills. I would read the script again and again . I went through hardship and struggled so much. It had become a do-or-die situation for me," she says.

"I felt that if I failed as an actor, the entire world would know. That is what bothered me the most. I knew I had no choice but to perform well. I had done my MBA before coming to Mumbai and I knew that I was completely changing the direction of my career and I just had to do well," she adds.