My fans can be scary: Ssharad Malhotraa


New Delhi, May 2 -- Though television actor Ssharad Malhotraa loves his fan following, he says that at times, it can be difficult to cope with his female fan following. 
"My female fan following is getting a little hysterical now. But I'm enjoying the attention and I'm happy," laughs Ssharad, adding, "It can also get a little scary at times. This one time I got home late and the watchman handed me a towel with the words 'I love you' written in red, which was probably blood." 
Ssharad, who is dating aspiring actor Pooja Bisht, says that his female fans are so possessive of him, which can be an issue sometimes. 
"They get a little personal. Recently, I had mentioned my girlfriend in one of my posts on Instagram. There was this fan who started tweeting things. She had an issue with me dating anyone. This is why I need to sometimes write about my personal life in a subtle way, but still get the message across that I am dating someone," says Ssharad, who shot to fame with his role in the serial, Banoo Main Teri Dulhan (2006-2009) opposite actor Divyanka Tripathi.