Mohit Raina: At no point did I think of going back..


Mumbai, June 9 -- His on-screen portrayal of Lord Shiva earned him a huge fan following. In fact, after watching Mohit Raina on the show, Priyanka Chopra's aunt "wanted the actor to marry him.

Mohit, who holds a degree in commerce, says he was "born to be an actor". But he maintains that it was important for his family that he complete his education before joining the industry.

He confesses that his initial struggle was similar to that of any other small-town actor, but he didn't give up and neither did he consider a change of career. "The only drawback of coming from a small town is that you take some time to understand city life, and how things function. At no point did I think of going back. This is what I wanted to do," he says, emphasising on the fact that "our television industry is organised in a disorganised way, and the competition is tough".

Having played Lord Shiva on the screen for four years, Mohit found his feet in the glamour world. But does working in a television show ever get monotonous? "Yes, after a point, it does. But you can't have everything your way. You have to follow monotony. It is not just in our television industry, it happens in a lot of other professions, too. One has to deal with it," says Mohit.

The actor, who is currently playing the role of Ashoka in a show, is known for his ripped physique as well. Ask him, if he wants to give any health tips to his fans, and Mohit says, "One should consult a fitness expert to understand their body and routine. The bad part about being in a metropolitan city is that you stop walking. So, one should start walking or jogging regularly."

Will we see him working in Bollywood soon, he says, "I will be able to tell you about it in a concrete manner by the end of the year."