Manasi Salvi: Kids need to see our struggles


Mumbai, Oct. 9 -- A lot has happened in the past year for actor Manasi Salvi, what with two TV shows as well as her divorce from her husband of 11 years, Hemant Prabhu. But she has her sights set on the future. 
"I think every human being goes through a low and that teaches you a lot in life," she says, adding, "You know, my biggest fear in life was being alone. At night, sometimes I used to have nightmares about waking up alone. I wondered what I would or who I would talk to if I were alone for 24 hours, six months or a year." 
Manasi reveals that she has this fear since she was a child. "When my father would leave town for work, I would wonder what would happen if daddy didn't come back. Who will take care of mom, me and my younger sister? Later, when I got married, I used to worry about something happening to my husband. How will I take care of myself and my daughter? But then, at the age of 36, when I found myself all alone, I was lost for six months. You know, when you cut the string of a balloon, it wanders until it finds a branch where it can anchor itself. I overcame the fear of being alone, of being lonely. I was unsure of how I should move on, but I did it and now I know that I can," the actor says. 
The actor feels that everyone has the strength to achieve the impossible, but people don't want to test their strengths, as it can be "scary and, at times, too dark". 
She says, "Somewhere, I think God brings us to a point where we can overcome our fears if we try. Whatever happened in my personal life was meant for me to overcome my fears, and I have done it. I am proud and happy about it. I think women have immense strength and can do anything they set out to." 
The actor adds that one shouldn't let an experience them down. Speaking about divorce, Manasi says, "Divorce is no longer a taboo. I believe in honesty between partners, and if they realise that they can't be together, but decide to be respectful to each other because they have a child, then that's okay. If we want our children to be responsible citizens, then they need to see our struggles. I don't want to be an inspiration for someone or set an example. I want to live my life with honesty, and if I can inspire my daughter and give her that strength, I will feel that I've done enough."