Legal notice to stop dadi, Gutthi acts?


New Delhi, Feb. 15 -- The fight between comedian Kapil Sharma and the channel on which his show Comedy Nights With Kapil was aired, seems to have engulfed actors Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover, who played the popular characters dadi and Gutthi on the weekend show.

Asgar and Grover were served a legal notice by the channel when it learnt that they would perform those roles in a live show in Surat. The notice states that they cannot enact those characters again. In fact, Asgar has been barred from wearing a similar wig during any show, while Sunil does not have the permission to wear ribbons in his hair, like Gutthi.

"My lawyer will reply to the notice, but as an artist I think that an actor does five to six memorable characters in his career and if he can't repeat that because of a contract, then his career is gone. Imagine if Dilip Kumar sahab signed such a contract during Devdas, he wouldn't have been able to hold a bottle of alcohol on screen after that!," points out Asgar.

When contacted, Sunil says, "I don't want to offend the channel and my lawyers will respond to the notice. But my contract allows me to do live shows ... I have some shows lined up and I won't break those commitments."

The channel's spokesperson remained unavailable for any comment.