Leave is a luxury for TV stars!


New Delhi, Sept. 26 -- With their bank of episodes nearing empty, makers of daily TV soaps are shooting every day to keep the show going. All this is playing havoc on actors' lives. Not only are some TV stars working extra hours, they're also not allowed leaves, even when sick.


Taking a day off is leisure. In fact, almost all the daily shows are shot outside the city. So, an actor literally spends around 14-16 hours on the sets. The only time we get to stay home, we get about 5-6 hours. To upgrade the quality of content, all the artists need to be well rested. That is why, it is important to have a good bank of episodes shot beforehand. But that's not how it always happens. When I got to know that I'll get an off from my show, I realised what luxury is.


A day off is a luxury. There is no concept of regular leaves. Now, daily soaps have a six-day telecast and on the day of no telecast, they try shooting for the upcoming week. So, it gets very difficult, especially for the main leads. Ideally, if there is a bank and if the script is written in advance, it helps us. If we can work more hours on certain days and take leave the following day, it will be more organised. Also, we have to inform everyone well in time even for a day of leave.


I really enjoy doing television and I can see that the reach of television is great, but the only problem is that we, as actors, don't get the time to go on vacations. If I have to go for a vacation, then I have to inform my show producers at least two months in advance. If we fall ill, no matter what the situation is, we have to come to shoot for our show in that condition. I think it is important to have a bank of episodes with us. It helps everyone.


Daily soaps consume a lot of an actor's time, leaving us with hardly any time to rejuvenate after the long work hours. A day's holiday means informing everyone at least a week in advance. I wish the TV industry gets more organised, so even we actors get some leisure. We deserve leaves too, and that's exactly what we struggle with the most.


With a daily show, it's almost impossible for an actor to take a break, especially when the show is a popular one. A bank of episodes is a must but such a thing rarely happens. I really wish there were a bank like that, so we would also get to take some days off. It's not easy for us because even one day's leave requires one to inform everyone almost a week in advance. And with health issues, it only gets more tough to manage.