Krystle D'souza: Working with Karan Tacker is amazing!


Mumbai, Aug. 8 -- Krystle D'souza isn't chilling at home during her break. Last month, she was in London, UK, for a hosting assignment. 
She says, "I had a work trip and it was fun. I hosted a show for the first time in my life and it was a live event. I was a bit scared as it was a huge crowd in The O2 arena but it went off well," she says, admitting that her 'good friend' Karan Tacker too was with her on the trip as they hosted the show together.
"I had the regular host and dost (friend) with me, so it was smooth. I thought reading the tele-prompter would have been tough, so Karan suggested that I should smile, in case I slip up. I was confident once I was on stage and thankfully, I didn't slip up. When you have a good partner, things always falls into place. Working with Karan is always amazing as he is so supportive," she says.
The Brahmaraksha actor enjoyed hosting so much that she wants to take it up more often. "I suddenly have the confidence that I can pull off a hosting assignment. Other than acting, now hosting can be my alternate career (laughs)."
Talking of alternate careers, Krystle recently launched her web series on a YouTube channel where she shares tips and suggestions on makeup and fashion. "I am very excited about it. I was always on social media and as I love dressing up in real life and I have never been undressed. I enjoy it more than it being part of my profession. It is fun to share my ideas about fashion, style and makeup with my fans. I often dress up and give tips to my friends and family, so this was a cool opportunity. When I meet a new makeup artiste and learn a new technique, I want to share it with people, which is why this web series is wonderful way to spread it across the world."
She was offered a comedy show but Krystle is glad that ultimately a makeup and style show worked out. "Comedy isn't really my thing, and I told that to the owners of the YouTube channel, and thankfully this idea worked out. I never say never though as I might end up doing a comedy show next. I want to accomplish whatever I have feared till now," she says.