Kiku Sharda: People should leave Kapil alone..


Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- Though The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) is off air for some time, Kiku Sharda is still a "busy man". The comedian, who was a part of the show, is working on a sit-com and has a movie ready for release.
"In the past too, I have done serials including Akbar Birbal and FIR while being part of Kapil's show. It's a coincidence that TKSS is off air at this time and these two projects are happening too. People keep asking me, 'if I have moved on', which isn't the case. I have to keep clarifying that I am still a part of TKSS and we will be back soon," clarifies Kiku.
As news about Kapil's ill health is doing the rounds, is the team of TKSS worried about the whole situation? 
"I am not worried. He is fine but is unwell due to a lot of pressure he took on himself. He was shooting for his film, which he is producing as well, and then he had the show to handle too. He needs to calm himself down. He is talented and will come back soon to rock the show again," he says.
The comedian-actor says he isn't in touch with Kapil while he is recuperating. "If we keep checking on him and talking about work, then how will he get the rest he needs? People should leave him alone. The idea is to let him be for a month-and-a-half, so that he feels better."
Kiku admits that he is in touch with comedian-actor Sunil Grover, even after the latter's exit from TKSS. "We are friends and will remain friends. I respect his stand and he does mine. It is our individual call and we don't interfere in each other's work or decisions," he says.
Though he is a popular actor on television, Kiku says, TV and movies shouldn't compared. "To call 'doing films' an upgrade from TV, isn't right because TV is huge too. What I like about films is that a story wraps up in three hours while on TV that is not the case. I do want to work in both mediums. Also, I don't end up playing a woman in a film (laughs)," he signs off.