Karan Wahi: I want to bring about a change..


Mumbai, Jan. 19 -- Other than hosting a reality show, Karan Wahi has now turned producer.

"I am acting and producing a web series that I have co-written with a friend. I am also shooting for another one for producer Kumar Mangat. The production quality is good, which I feel is important, because sometimes your content might be great, but if it's shot badly, it doesn't create an impact," says Karan.

The actor is also working on other ideas for the web and wouldn't mind if a TV channel agrees to air his idea.

"If not, the Internet would be a good medium," says the actor, who believes the next two years will see a boom in web content. Last month, he released a short film on the web called Dhyaan Jaaye... Pravachan Na, a satirical spoof on disclaimers.

"I believe that disclaimers are a hindrance while watching a film. If smoking and drinking need disclaimers, there are other things too that harm humans. For instance, there should be disclaimers for not wearing a seat belt, or for showing a murder or rape scene because they are crimes. Many people loved the thought [of the short film] and felt they wanted more," says Karan.

Talking about working on new and different concepts, he adds, "I want to promote certain things without being preachy. We talk a lot about things in society, but do nothing. When something goes wrong, the world goes on social media to condemn it. But how many of them actually stick to their words? I want to bring about that change. I have been around for 12 years, and people know me, so why not use my fame for a good purpose?"