Karan Johar is NOT replacing Kapil on Comedy Nights

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Kapil Sharma just did his last episode for his famous comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil, and is now off for a long break! Why? Because the comedian has major back problems and will be getting a treatment at Vancouver.

Hopefully he will recover soon, and come back sooner!

But till then, what about the show? Well, in the past few days there have been rumors that Karan Johar would be replacing him in the show! Whaaat? I know! Crazy right? Well, Karan Johar feels quite the same!

He apparently completely denied it and even found it obnoxious!

Says KJo in his most sarcastic tone: “I don’t know where this rumor started from. It’s absolutely untrue. I can’t replace Kapil Sharma. I am not that stupid.”

Okaayyyy! Well it would have been interesting to see the otherwise witty Karan Johar to do some slapstick comedy. But Karan clearly hates the idea!