Kapil Sharma: 'I thank Dharmendra ji'

New Delhi, Oct. 17 -- India's Ellen DeGeneres Kapil Sharma wanted to be a singer in Bollywood and has done some serious theatre for 12-13 years. But as fate would have it, Kapil is right now busy with the costume-drama, Comedy Nights with Kapil.

The show has had many Bollywood A-listers visit as guests, but Kapil's favourite remains Dharmendra.    "Dharmendra ji came as a guest when the show was still under production. His movie had released, he didn't need us. Still he agreed to be our guest. I'll always be thankful to him. It's his blessings that the show that he graced in the first episode is so popular today," says Kapil.     

The show that airs on Colors channel is enjoying high TRPs. And, Kapil says it's because of everyone's dedication; even mishaps (fire on the set) didn't deter them. "Had anyone gotten injured, it would have been impossible to move on. Everyone is safe, thankfully. I accept whatever god gives me," he says.      

Interestingly, his mother wanted him to become a policeman. "After my father died, my family wanted me to take up the job. Since I was a post graduate, my chances of getting a promotion were better than my brother (who took up the job). But I knew Bombay was my calling. So, here I am," he concludes.