Jennifer: Older male actors can romance young heroines but not vice-versa


New Delhi, July 7 -- Television actor Jennifer Winget feels that age should just be a number when it comes to actors getting opportunities in the film and television industry. 
While she feels that the idea of a heroine having a shelf life is gradually fading, she says that it will take time for it to completely vanish.
"I'd like to believe that the industry has come a long way. Female actors are no longer primarily known for their looks - their outstanding performances also get talked about. But it's also true that the ratio of new faces being introduced, is far more than the current crop of talented actresses," says Jennifer, who has acted in shows such as Saraswatichandra and Dill Mill Gaye.
The actor doesn't understand why older male actors playing the love interest for younger heroines is considered normal, but vice versa is not accepted. "Technically, the more mature the actor is, the better the performance, right?" she says.
Drawing a comparison with the West, Jennifer adds, "We look to them for everything else, but I don't see [actor] Meryl Streep dealing with age as a barrier, when acting in some of the best films. But times are changing...Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Sridevi have all been carving a niche for themselves," she adds.