Indraneil Sengupta: Television pays well


Mumbai, March 10 -- Actor Indraneil Sengupta was last seen in TV shows such as Pyaar Ke Do Naam... Ek Radha Ek Shyaam, Babul Ki Bitiya Chali Doli Saja Ke and Maayka, after which he switched to films and was seen in a much-appreciated cameo in Kahaani (2012).

During the six-year-long break from the tube, he was busy doing Bengali films. Now, as Indraneil is set to play the main villain in the TV show, Maharakshak Devi, the actor feels this time he will be able to balance both his movie as well as TV career.

Why did you choose to do this show?

It's a finite series, and requires me to shoot for a few days in a month. I have a pivotal role, so I thought of making a comeback. Shooting daily soaps can be tiring and I needed a break. Moreover, I was focusing on Bengali films. I was looking for a change, and I wanted to be with my family in Mumbai, which wasn't possible while working in Kolkata.

Do you think dabbling in both mediums might confuse film-makers?

I don't think so. My plan was to do Bengali films and continue with TV simultaneously. However, that didn't work out. I worked with directors such as Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Aparna Sen and also some new directors. I moved away from TV as I couldn't manage both mediums. I have established myself in Bengali cinema and will choose the best offers. Plus, TV pays well and is a strong medium, which gives you visibility.

After Kahaani, you didn't do many Hindi films. Why?

I would have loved to do more Hindi films, but it didn't happen. I am waiting for good offers to come my way.

Many TV actors are doing films, but not many are able to make it big. Why?

TV is a writer's medium. The popularity and fame of actors is show-dependent. But in films, if an actor has done a fabulous job, he gets more work even if the movie flops. There was a time when TV actors were not taken by film-makers at all, but today that line has blurred. Look at Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy. They are doing good work on TV and in films.