I'm a selfish actor, says Mrunal Thakur


Mumbai, Jan. 11 -- Mrunal Thakur was unhappy and dissatisfied with her role in an ongoing hit TV show. So, a few weeks ago, she quit.

The actor, who has done three shows to date, including Mujhse Kuchh Kehti... Yeh Khamoshiyaan and Arjun, isn't worried about her future, as she now plans to work in Bollywood and Marathi films. Here, the young actor talks about her decision, her marriage and cinema.

Why did you quit the show?

I am a selfish actor, and I was saturated with my character's graph. I wanted my scenes to be substantial. I was told that my role is important, but if you don't get enough to do on a show, then it gets frustrating. I don't want to do filler scenes. I was part of the show for two years, and it was tough to quit, as I bonded well with the team.

Are you afraid that your decision to leave a show midway will affect your career?

No, I am not. I quit my previous show, Arjun, as well. I was told that I would be the lead, but things didn't pan out that way. I want to perform even if I play a character actor, but give me good scenes. Signing me as a lead, and then giving me few dialogues, while the story revolves around others, doesn't work for me. Later, if things don't work out [in acting], I will pursue academics.

It was reported that you were being considered for Salman Khan's next film.

I don't know where that came from. I auditioned for the role, but that doesn't mean that I am being 'considered' for it. There are many rumours that circulate without being verified with the actors in question. As for this film, there is a lot of competition among many big names for the role.

Are you looking at doing any other films?

I am in talks with the makers of a Marathi film. I might start shooting for it in February. Other than that, I have some ads and a cricket reality TV show for now.

You participated in a dance reality show earlier this year, with your boyfriend, writer Sharad Chandra Tripathi. Is marriage on the cards?

There are no plans yet. I am only 22. I want to get settled first on the work front, and prove myself. I don't think I will get married so soon. We are happy together; so there is no rush.