I wait the entire year for Durga Puja: Tina Dutta


New Delhi, Oct. 3 -- Television actor Tina Dutta has taken some time off from work to celebrate Durga puja with her family. The actor says that she waits the entire year for these auspicious days and enjoys every minute of them.

"Being a Bengali, Durga puja is my favourite festival. The whole year I just wait for this time when Maa Durga will come and bless us. This festival means pending time with my family, extended family and close friends. I love the delicious bhog which we eat at the pandal and all kinds of bengali sweets, right from rasgulla to mishti dai," she says.

The actor also adds that she informs her producers well in advance so that she can travel to Kolkata to enjoy the festivities. "Every year, I inform my production house in advance, and then I get a four days off during Durga puja. This time of the year is very special to me, and I can't miss it at any cost. The extra effort which I put is nothing compared to the happiness which I get in Kolkata," she says.

While she enjoys Durga Puja with the same vigour even today, Tina's childhood memories of the festival often makes her nostalgic. "During my childhood, the biggest things was participating in a cultural programme during Durga puja and gossiping with friends at the pandals. During those four days, my parents used to give me a lot of freedom, and every year on the last day of Durga puja, I used to cry."