I always wanted to play a warrior prince: Shaheer


New Delhi, Aug. 12 -- Best known for his boynext-door roles in shows such as Kya Mast Hai Life and Navya, actor Shaheer Sheikh chose an unconventional route last year. He took up the role of Arjun in a show based on the Mahabharata. In a chat with us, he talks about the challenge of looking the part and how the role has enriched him as a person.

Why did you choose to do a mythological show?

It was the role of Arjun that attracted me. I always wanted to play a warrior prince; it was like a dream come true.

Did you feel any pressure to perform well, as this character has been played by other popular actors on TV in the past?

My only concern was whether I would be able to do justice to the character, as my Hindi was not very good. I had to read up a lot. I worked hard on my body language, diction and personality.

You had to grow your hair quite long for the show. Was it tough to maintain?

It was very difficult to manage when we were shooting outdoors. The hair would fall on my face several times, and we'd have to shoot those scenes again.

Will it be tough for you to choose your next role after this show?

I don't think so. I feel I have become a better person after doing this role. Playing this part was tough, as I could not relate to the character. While, on the other hand, it's easy to play a modern character, as you have seen them around.