Here's what Krushna has to say about his show replacing The Kapil Sharma show


Actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek, whose show The Drama Company will replace The Kapil Sharma Show, says the pressure to perform has increased and the team will make some changes to the format to match the channel and audience expectations. 
“We have made some changes. We are planning more changes in the content because the pressure is a lot. We will come with a new team and we are still discussing what to do,” he says.
On Thursday evening, Sony Entertainment announced that due to Kapil Sharma’s health issues, the channel and the comedian have decided to take a break and come back when Sharma is better.
“As a colleague, I personally want healthy competition but I don’t want him to get unwell. I want him to come back. I don’t know what has happened, why isn’t he shooting and why the shoots are getting cancelled,” says Krushna, whose show will now air at 9pm, instead of the earlier time slot of 8pm to 9pm. 
He adds that the team of The Drama Company doesn’t want Kapil to “come down” and “genuinely want his speedy recovery”. “I was happy with my 8pm to 9pm slot but if the channel has decided something, I can’t do anything about it. We won’t go against the channel’s wishes, right? The thing is, we don’t want Kapil to be unwell and take a back seat. If he was healthy and then not doing the show, it would have been a different thing,” says the comedian.
Kapil and Krushna have not been on good terms, with the latter recently saying that he is a performer, while Kapil is just a stand-up comedian.