Gautam won't marry Diandra..


New Delhi, Feb. 2 -- Putting all speculation about his relationship with model Diandra Soares to rest, Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati, 27, says that he will only marry a girl chosen by his mom. And no, that won't be Diandra.

"During the show, there was an attraction between me and Diandra, and we even kissed, but then this is not a practical relationship. I've never shied away from speaking the truth, so the truth is, this relationship is not possible. I'm much younger than her, and above all, I'll never do something that my family doesn't approve of," he says.

Meanwhile, in several interviews, Gautam's brother and mother had openly talked about their disapproval of Gautam and Diandra's brewing romance and their kissing escapades in the washroom.

"I'm being upfront because I don't want Diandra to live with false hope. Also, I believe these kind of overnight affairs don't last, but friendship stays, so I will continue to be friends with her," says Gautam, admitting that it was his breakup with his Australian girlfriend a few years ago that made him stay away from romance until now.

"She (his ex) was the one and only girlfriend that I ever had, and after we parted ways, I didn't want to get into all that. These affairs can divert your mind, so I decided to stay away. I'll marry and settle down with a girl chosen by my mom," he says.