Gautam Rode: I'll never leave a show midway..


New Delhi, July 30 -- While there are many actors on television who leave their shows in between, actor Gautam Rode says that he will never do that. The 37-year-old says that he is very careful about what he commits his name to and once he does it, he cannot walk off in between.

"I feel that it is very important to honour your commitment. If an actor has already made it clear before he starts shooting for a show, that he will only be on board for a specific time, then it's fine if he leaves after that. However, if you haven't made it clear and have just decided to leave in between, it causes a lot of trouble for the production house as well as the channel," he says, adding, "My ethics will not allow me to leave a show in the middle. I have to finish my shows properly, otherwise I will never be happy with the outcome."

Gautam, who has been seen in shows such as Mahakumbh and Saraswatichandra, says that the prospect of not getting the kind of work that he wants to do has never scared him. "It is all about how confident you are. Work will never stop coming. It all depends on how you look at work, and the confidence with which you take it up. However, taking a break from work is also important," he saddsays.

Talking about the role he is looking forward to, the actor says, "I have a tendency to always pick something that is different from what I have played before. This is why each of my shows portray me in a new light."