Drashti Dhami: 2017, I have turned a new leaf..


Mumbai, Jan. 12 -- One of the popular actors of the small-screen, Drashti Dhami, turned 33 on January 10.

However, she kept the celebrations simple and low-key. "I got half-day off and had a grand lunch with my cousins and mum. I usually party on my birthday with my friends at home, we cut a cake at midnight and dance the night away. However, as I have been working and had a shoot the next day, I slept early. My friends did come home, but I told them to leave by 12.30am," she says with a grin.

The actor adds she would rather have a big party once she has some free time, and not during a weekday.

"I love to work on my birthday, at least half-day, and I have been doing so every year," says Drashti. However, she enjoyed a dinner outing with her husband (Niraj Khemka).

Ask her about her plans for this year, and the actor says she wants to do "new and different" things.

"I went for a yoga class early in the morning. Suddenly, I have become disciplined. I think in 2017, I have turned a new leaf, and it will bring in many changes. I didn't accept gifts from anyone. I decided that a while ago, and people have been surprised." Drashti cut over 12 birthday cakes, including a few on the sets of her TV show.