Don't mind being called a reality show star: Sana Saeed


Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- The young and bubbly Sana Saeed is clear about what she wants in life. She has been part of movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) as a child artiste only to debut as an adult in Student Of The Year (2012).

She has also tried her hand at reality shows, and has been part of as many as four of them. And though her recurring appearances on reality series might have earned her the tag of a reality TV star, she doesn't mind it. "I think I have done all reality shows on TV; I have not left out anything," she laughs, adding, "I mean celebrity reality shows that is. Maybe being a judge on one such show will take time. That would be cool and an esteemed position as you go once a week, comment, chill, be mean to contestants, and come back. As for the tag, I have no issues with it. I am impressed that I have been able to pull off so many shows, and stand out in all of them."

Sana claims her motto in life is to be happy, and that she "works hard" towards being so. "I work hard so that when I take a holiday, I can enjoy it to the fullest without skimping on anything. I did a show in Hong Kong where they paid for my stay, and I participated in a lot of adventurous activities. I am getting a chance to see places through reality shows, so why not? If I am paid to do crazy things, which I would do in any case if I was in that place, what could be better?" says Sana.

Is acting on TV an avenue she wants to pursue? "Not really," she says, adding, "I am not keen. On TV, one gets stuck with a character for years. If there are seasonal shows, then I wouldn't mind. I started off with films, so after that, it's tough to find satisfaction anywhere else."