Dolly Bindra: 'I fight for what is right'

New Delhi, June 2 -- Ever since she took part in Bigg Boss season 4, the visual that strikes when one thinks of Dolly Bindra is of a woman with a loud demeanour and screechy voice.    

After a fight with her neighbours in Mumbai recently, we asked Dolly if the perception about her was true. Rubbishing the stereotype, she says: "I don't agree with it. Dolly Bindra tab jhagda karti hai jab kuch galat hota hai (Dolly Bindra fights only fights against injustice). As far as this incident goes, I was attacked by my neighbours. They entered my house and invaded my privacy," says the actor.    

Ask Dolly if her antics on the reality show she did, gave her the rabble-rouser tag, and she says, "Whatever happened on the show was just acting. We are artists and we get paid for that. If people mix my professional image and personal life, it's unfair."    


Motormouth Rakhi Sawant usually lands in trouble with her controversial statements and antics. Be it singer Mika Singh's kiss on his birthday in 2006 and the ruckus that was created during the incident, her comments like Kareena (Kapoor Khan) will get readymade kids after marrying Saif (Ali Khan) or her attempt to challenge Katrina Kaif's dancing skills claiming that she could have done a better job if she had got to dance on the hit song Chikni Chameli (Agneepath, 2012), Rakhi has lived up to her controversial image.     


The reality TV regular got into a fight with actor Amar Upadhyay at the Delhi airport last year. Apparently, Ashutosh was drunk and caused a ruckus at the airport harassing the passengers, the flight crew and the security officials. He also allegedly got into a fight with actor Meera at a party, where he vandalized the venue as well.     


From his fights with ex-wife Shweta Tiwari and being arrested for assaulting girlfriend Shradha Sharma to slapping actors on the sets of his TV show, the actor has been involved in several such incidents and has been arrested multiple times. He apparently attended a rehabilitation camp to change his volatile behaviour.