Dipika Kakar: I've established myself in the industry


Mumbai, Feb. 28 -- Dipika Kakar, who has quit her show after six years, feels emotional. The actor, who was "quite connected to the whole unit and cast members" of her television show, recently got a send-off from them along with cakes and several gifts.

Now, Dipika is looking forward to taking some time off. "I have wanted to take a break for a while now," she says. During this time, she will move into her new house. "I am excited about shifting into my own abode. I have been renting apartments until now. I wanted to modify my house to suit to my needs. It's a 3BHK but I converted it into a 2BHK, as I wanted a walk-in closet. The renovation took over eight months and I have decorated the house myself."

Although Dipika has been part of one television show for most of her career, she says her experience has been enriching. "I don't see any drawbacks in doing a show for a long period of time. I gave my best to the show and it was a huge success. It was a landmark in my career. With this serial, I have established myself in the industry. At a time where TV shows end within a period of three months, I was part of one for six years, which is commendable. The industry folks understand that being a lead in a TV show for that long shows commitment and hard work. It speaks volumes about you as an actor and as a person."

Apart from shifting houses, the actor is also set to marry her ex co-star, Shoaib Ibrahim, who she has been dating for five years, and admitted the news last year. The marriage is slated to be held in January next year. Dipika feels it isn't that far, and she needs this much time to prepare for it. "Shoaib isn't going to do much in that regard, and I will end up doing most of the work," she says, laughing.