Deepika Singh: It's like I have a new life


New Delhi, Jan. 21 -- Actor Deepika Singh of Diya Aur Baati fame, who recently shared the news of her pregnancy with her fans, is ecstatic.

"I am so excited. It's like a new life. I'm taking care of my health. Earlier I used to jump and run all the time, but now I walk cautiously. I feel a sense of responsibility. All the yoga and fitness I've done all these years, is helping me during pregnancy."

Deepika adds, "I couldn't believe I was pregnant. I read the pregnancy kit instructions again and again. I'd seen such things only in films and TV shows, so I got goosebumps to know it was true."

Now that she's enjoying me-time at home, she says she's keeping busy. "I am reading all my books. In the last five years, I have read nothing but scripts and screenplays," Deepika says.

Was pregnancy the reason she didn't take up new projects after her show went off air? Deepika replies, "No. In fact, I got a couple of offers even before the show wrapped up, but I wanted to take a break, travel and enjoy life. I feel work will happen for the rest of the life."