Deepika and Aamir are most stylish: Rishina Kandhari


New Delhi, Oct. 5 -- TV actor Rishina Kandhari, who sports a deglam look in her ongoing show, says that it is very important to go on changing your look from time to time. The actor recently underwent a makeover and feels that this kind of change is very important for one's image.

"I think Deepika Padukone and Aamir are the most stylish people in Bollywood as they keep changing their looks with every new film they sign. I, too, keep experimenting with my looks. That's my favourite pass time," says Rishina, who has got a trendy haircut and added a light brown tinge to her hair.

The actor feels that it is very important to be able to present yourself well at all times, however, one should be willing to change looks as per the role requirement. "I like to look good all the time and stay stylish. I can get into any getup for my role and the best part is that I can look like a princess, and at the same time, can also go deglam when required," she says.