Costume dramas continue to rule the small screen!


New Delhi, March 11 -- Period dramas and mythological shows have always been a favourite with the audience. Owing to high TRPs, even producers and channels seem to find the genre lucrative, which is why every year a bunch of period dramas hit the small screen.

Four new shows that have added to the genre in recent times include, Razia Sultan, Betaal Aur Sinhasan Battisi, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and Siyaasat, and the larger than life image of these dramas only seems to be getting bigger.

"The success rate of these shows is very high though the costs involved are higher compared to regular shows. They are a risky proposition at all levels but it's an opportunity nevertheless," says Siddharth Kumar Tewary, producer of shows including Razia Sultan and Mahabharata.

Producer Rishab Seth, producer of Siyaasat, says that historical shows in fact generate a lot of curiosity among viewers. "Characters and events from history have always been a great stimulus for conversation and debate. We've all grown up hearing about Akbar, Ashoka, Rana Pratap and Razia Sultan. When these characters are brought alive on screen, there is immediate curiosity to see in action the characters they have so far read about in history books," he says.

Not just the viewers and the makers, even the actors, who are a part of these shows, agree that costume dramas are more challenging and fun. "The aura of the show is different. However, one needs to work hard in terms of look, makeup and expressions, compared to a regular daily soap," says actor Pankuri Awasthi, who plays the lead role in Razia Sultan.

Actor Sandeep Anand, who plays Betaal, says that it was his theatre background that helped him cope with the language of the show. "I have done more than 200 costume dramas. I know many languages, so I am very comfortable in portraying such characters. Heavy costumes and language does become an issue with some, but overall it's fun," he says.