Ashish doesn't want fans to spend money on him..


New Delhi, June 26 -- Actor Ashish Chowdhry says he is grateful for all the love his fans have showered on him, but adds that he doesn't want them to spend their hard earned money on him.

The 36-year-old, who has worked in movies such as Dhamaal (2007), EMI (2008) and Double Dhamaal (2011), will be seen in an upcoming dance reality show.

"I don't want fans to spend their hard earned money on sending gifts to me. They send expensive statues and items like gold plated elephants, gold bangles and earrings for my kids. Besides watches and sunglasses, the most adorable gift was when my fans collectively bought a star in my name. They also sent me the certificate for it," says Ashish.

However, Ashish treasures all the gifts given to him, be it big or small. "I have kept their gifts at my home. I treasure each one of them," he says.