Arjun Bijlani: Can't categorise good or bad shows, but a change is needed


New Delhi, Nov. 6 -- A lot of times, people have pointed out how an overdose of saas-bahu sagas on the small screen must come to an end. 
Actor Arjun Bijlani feels that the reason behind it is the audience, who are still interested in such dramas, which is why such shows are here to stay.
"I don't want to categorise shows as good or bad. I also agree that content-wise a change is required on TV. But one must not forget that being a mass medium it is expected to churn out what the audience wants to watch. Viewers enjoy family dramas. At the same time, TV is also coming up with interesting shows. So the change is happening, but it will take time for the audience also to accept new content," says Arjun. 
The actor currently portrays the role of Deep Raichand in his ongoing show. Deep is a grey character and Arjun confesses that he is enjoying playing the role.
"I have a strong lover boy image, but Deep isn't the regular good guy that you see on screen. The character has grey shades," adds Arjun, whose last two shows have been Naagin and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil.
Though Naagin was a popular show, Pardes Mein... failed to make the mark and was taken off the air. According to him, the show was doing well, so it's not the ratings, but there are other reasons behind it coming to an end.
"I don't think TRP is ever the reason for a show to go off the air. There are other factors," says Arjun.