Anuj Sachdeva: Don't blame actors!


Mumbai, Oct. 8 -- Post his successful debut show, Sabki Laadli Bebo, Anuj Sachdeva went on to do two more serials on TV - Chhanchhan and Phir Subah Hogi. Now, with a new show going on air, he talks about expectations, and the trend of TV actors being replaced when shows don't work.

You've had three successful shows so far. Does that add to the pressure before a new one goes on air?

In this industry, you will have to be calculative in the way you choose your shows. But yes, there is pressure to deliver. I think the plot of my new show will instantly interest the audience, and my character has many shades.

Actors are often replaced on TV shows. In fact, you replaced Farhan Khan in your last one. Is it fair to the actors?

Technically, it's not right. But in television, it is the actors who bear the brunt. I believe an actor should not be solely blamed for the failure of a show. The content, direction and several other factors should also be questioned.

You did a small role in Hawaa Hawaai. But are you hoping for a proper role in a Bollywood film?

Of course. I met Karan Johar recently. He praised me for my performance in Hawaa Hawaai. We discussed a few things, and he told me that if there is a good role that would suit me, he will call me. I am looking forward to that.

Is it tough for a TV actor to make the switch to films?

I really have the highest regards for Ayushmann Khurrana and Sushant Singh Rajput. They have bridged the gap between television and Bollywood.