Aman Verma: No tantrums!


Mumbai, June 4 -- Recently, reports claimed that TV actor Aman Verma threw a lot of tantrums on the sets of his fantasy crime show.

It was also reported that he prefers to shoot his scenes before others, and doesn't mingle with his co-stars.

However, Aman refutes the claims, saying, "I don't know where these rumours started from. My grandfather used to say, 'When people talk about you, that's when you know you are successful.' I don't think too much about such stories."

There was also buzz that Aman will exit the show post the entry of a new villain, who will be introduced soon. But he denies having any knowledge of the same.

"I enjoy working on the show, and no one has spoken to me about my exit. I am baffled to hear this. This show has given me so much credibility. After 2011, I didn't get any exciting roles, and I took a break for two years till this show came to me in 2013. I feel my connect with the soap is getting stronger with every passing day," he says.