Aditi Wahi feels TV is more difficult!


New Delhi, Oct. 17 -- TV actor Adita Wahi, who is seen as Sonali Swaika in an ongoing telly-show, which also stars actor Bhagyashree, says surviving on the tube is becoming difficult, since many film actors are also doing TV shows.

"Content on TV is undergoing major change. Shows are becoming content-driven, they come with a limited number of episodes, so they are pacey and surviving in the TV industry has become tough," says Wahi, who graduated in theatre from New York. Explaining her point, she says, "A lot of film personalities are turning to TV, so you need to be talented to survive. The competition has become steep. And that's a good thing, since it's making TV better," says the Delhi born and brought up actor.

"Earlier soaps were about scheming saas-bahus or helpless village belles. Now, they are shown in a more realistic perspective. The protagonists are career-oriented women, who stand up for themselves and others. And, there's a lot of variety - game shows to crime shows, thrillers and more," says Wahi, whose character on the tube has undergone a change from being a docile person to the one who stands up for herself and others.