Adaa Khan: TV industry gives more importance to TRPs


Mumbai, June 30 -- Actor Adaa Khan feels the TV industry has changed a lot, over the years. According to her, unlike earlier times, the small screen is now driven by TRPs and not talent. She also adds that somehow it hampers the content of the show.
"There is competition among actors and channels these days and weightage is given to the TRPs," says Adaa, who is known for her shows such as Amrit Manthan, Piya Basanti Re, Naagin. 
Disappointed with the current scenario of the TV industry, Adaa says, "Earlier, the popularity of the show had to do with the performances of the actors and they would be praised for the same. But today, people hardly talk about acting."
Adaa tries to stay away from competition. "I'm not part of any competition. If someone is doing good, I'm happy for them. I try to do justice to every role I take up and rest I leave it to the audience to decide. Numbers aren't in my hand. If things don't work, I work harder and learn from the past," she adds.