Actors welcome Pakistan's lifting of ban on Indian TV shows


Mumbai, July 20 -- Indian artistes have been vocal with their appreciation of the Lahore High Court's Tuesday decision to lift the ban on Indian TV shows in Pakistan.
The ban had been imposed by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) in the context of bilateral tensions last year. 
However, Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that while Indian TV content could be censored if it had objectionable or antiPakistan content, a complete ban was unnecessary, according to pk. He observed, "The world has become a global village."
Actor Arjun Bijlani, whose show Naagin was a big hit in Pakistan, says, "It's great that this decision has been taken. I get a lot of messages from Pakistani fans and I know that our shows do well there. I'm glad that our content can reach people there easily."
Actor Karan Patel is "more than happy that this ban has been lifted". He says, "There has always been a lot of love and warmth from fans in Pakistan. [My show] Ye Hai Mohabbatein is about loving people and spreading the love around you. So, if we can spread love in Pakistan through our show, there's nothing like it."
Another banned show, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, will now be back on air in Pakistan. Cast member Saumya Tandon says, "Pakistan lifting the ban... is good news. When there's tension between countries, [it's] the people who suffer. There has been tension between the countries since last September. A positive step towards peace will bring nothing but happiness."
Actor Amit Behl, chairperson (outreach committee) of the Cine & TV Artists Association, says that reach, rather than revenue, is the main benefit here. "[The ruling] doesn't affect [us] much in terms of the revenue, unless Indian broadcasters have a tie-up with Pakistani channels," he says. "However, in terms of reach, it's a big deal - even Pakistani people who live outside Pakistan watch a lot of our shows."