Aamir brings homosexuality back on the table..

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

For the third episode of Satyamev Jayate 3, Aamir touched the very sensitive subject, homosexuality, which has created a lot of roar amongst the nation. Just recently, same sex marriages have been confirmed as illegal, which disappointed many people nation-wide, homosexuals as well as those who support homosexuality and same sex marriages. And it turns out that Aamir Khan seems to be one of them!

The sensible Khan introduced the topic carefully, by letting Gazal, a woman narrate her very own story, giving the topic and the episode an emotional angle from the first few minutes of the show! The story is, she was a man before. Yes! Shocking, controversial, scary for many, but absolutely interesting and very touching, this was the beginning of the episode.

Homosexuality has been quite a discussion for a while, but Aamir focused on trans genders and LTBT communities as well, educating the audience, bringing notice to the situation. The show included people who are going through this and their side of the story, professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists, and a meaningful discussion with the audience. The episode was a very engaging one!