Tusshar Kapoor: International Recognition


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Oct. 22 -- Actor Tusshar Kapoor's home-production, Shor, directed by Raj Nimoduru and Krishna DK, earned acclaim at the Pusan Film Festival. It will now be screened during the opening night of the 10th Indo-American Council Film Festival in New York next month.

"When you travel with a film to festivals, it becomes a brand by itself by the time it releases in India," says Kapoor. The film, which also stars Sendhil Ramamurthy alongside Kapoor, will also be screened at the Dubai International Film Festival. Was visiting film festivals part of the plan when Shor took off initially? "Nope," says Kapoor. "For us, it was a feel good Mumbai film. It's also hard-hitting because of its subject."

Reportedly, sister Ekta wanted to reshoot parts of the film. Tusshar says, "We're not re-shooting anything, but we're filming additional scenes for the Indian version. The directors, the writer and Ekta felt that adding a couple of light moments would enhance the version that we release here." However, that will have to wait till December since the actor has to wrap up a couple of films before that.