Tushar-Vidya: The new Guru bhai!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 14 -- Tushar Kapoor, apart from being an actor, has started a new part-time business, informs Sher Lock Holmes as he makes his royal entry.

The actor has started training his Bollywood colleagues and friends on how to drive. And his first student is his Dirty Picture co-star Vidya Balan. It seems she had to drive a small-sized vehicle from the 1980s for the film.

Since she didn't know how to drive and the scene had to have her driving, Tushar started training her everyday after work hours on the same little car. Ten days later, when the director asked if she could shoot the sequence, Vidya, who was averse to the idea a few days ago, agreed readily. The shot was okayed in an hour's time. Not bad. Aspiring Bollywood drivers must consult Tushki...