Trio caught for shopping on SRK's credit card!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Shah Rukh Khan found himself in all the news headlines yesterday (Feb 15) when his missing credit card was used by three people at a shopping mall in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The story which seems straight out of a Bollywood potboiler goes something like this. On February 10, the trio of Vinay Vijay Tambe (22), James Paul Peremal(28) and Shekar Jadhav(44) went to Shopper’s Stop at Nirmal Lifestyle Mall in Mulund (W). After splurging around Rs. 25,000 on expensive clothes, watches etc, they coolly removed an ICICI credit card to pay the amount. However, the card belonged to none other than Shah Rukh Khan who had incidentally lost his card and passport a few days back while shooting near Santacruz.

The alert sales executive at the counter immediately smelled trouble when he saw the actor’s name on the pay-slip. In fact, Vinay Tambe (one of the trio) didn’t even try to forge the actor’s signature but signed in his own name which made it all the more easier for the store people to realize that something was surely fishy. Soon after verifying with ICICI bank officials, the police were called and trio were taken into custody.

On questioning the trio seemed innocent that it was SRK’s card which they had and casually said that they just found it lying on a road near Santacruz. They have been remanded in police custody till February 18 .The Mulund police in the meanwhile, are waiting to record King Khan’s statement regarding his credit card.