Top Five Children's Films


By IndiaFM

Gone are the days when big banners only touched upon commercialized and big budget films with 'saleable' actors. With the changing times, even situations have changed. The saying 'Child is the father of the man' is becoming true with every passing day'. How else would you explain the reason why films like Jajantaram Mamantaram, Hanuman, My Friend Ganesha etc… are made and the good news is that they are earning their makers not just the breakeven money, but also make them not just smile, but laugh all the way to the bank (not a piggy bank, but an actual one!). Today, such movies are considered at par with any other commercial one, which also explains the reason as to why films like Taare Zameen Par and Hanuman Returns are being waited with bated breath!

Tracing through the history of some fabulous children films made in Bollywood, IndiaFM brings you the top five films that had and still has its mesmerizing effect on…

Mr. India

Mr. India, a desi attempt at science fiction with an element of comedy simply turned this film into an out and out refreshing treat for moviegoers especially children. A masterpiece crafted by the master blaster film maker Shekhar Kapoor, who had earlier made a serious Masoom, dealt with a 'secret formula', a gadget that made people invisible! The after effect of this movie was (and still is) so huge that even as grown ups, we still have that gadget topping our wish list every time, despite the fact that we now know that it was only an imaginary one!

For the uninitiated, the film dealt with the affably innocent Anil Kapoor as Shekhar bhaiyya who gets his hands on his father's discovery of a magical gadget that enables the person to become invisible, except in red colour! The film also dealt with the most villainous villain that Indian cinema had ever seen Mogambo, played by the real life sweetheart Amrish Puri with so much ease that after this film people loved to hate him and hated to love him.

Full marks to the director Shekhar Kapoor for having extracted superlative performances from everyone, including the children!

Chhota Chetan

Chhota Chetan spilled the same magic as its Malayalam version My Dear Kuttichathan, a pioneer of 3-D films way back in 1984. The film was released in Hindi as Nitin Manmohan's Chhota Chetan. A new version of the film with its stunning performances (spiced up with some real breath taking 3-D effects) by Urmila Matondkar, Satish Kaushik, Shakti Kapoor, Harish and Ravi Baswani with a new charm was released in 1998.

Chhota Chetan dealt about around Lakshmi, Raju, Chintu and the friendly spirit, Chetan. The real story begins to unfold when these kids unknowingly enter a haunted bungalow and happen to release a spirit which takes the shape of a boy. What follows after that cannot be experienced in words. One has to see it and 'live' it to believe it. But what can be told is that this movie clinched its millions at the B-O. Unfortunately, the 3-D films made after Chhota Chetan had a bad fate at the Box-Office. Nevertheless, the film leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of its audience.


If you had followed Rakesh Roshan's Koi Mill Gaya, then, Krrish will be an easier option to digest. But for starters, this film is nothing but a make-believe on -screen attempt at the saying 'I believe I can fly'. Krrish is the modern name given to Krishna, a simple village boy (portrayed with astounding ease by Hrithik Roshan), who is born with superpowers like flying, jumping etc.., and his attempts at destroying the evil people who had held captive of his look-alike father ( Hrithik again!). Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish is apparently, the first Indian superhero who was at par with the Hollywood counterparts. Needless to say that this film was not just the biggest Box Office hit of 2006, but also on the DVD racks!


If you thought that Hanuman existed only in mythological books and was famous for his rescuing Sita from Lanka from the clutches of Ravana by setting afire the whole Lanka with his tail, then, you need to rework on your current affairs once again. Coz' Hanuman today has come out of the mythological books and has found his place in the silver screens of Bollywood, all thanks to the animated film that hit the theaters last year and its B-O collections created more fire than that of the Lanka do! The beauty of his naughtiness, power and innocent tricks at the lovely childhood also, popularly referred as baalroop of Hanuman grooved the nation especially children. The impact and the effect of this film are so tremendous that the children all over are eagerly waiting for its sequel more than they are waiting for their Christmas vacations, coz' its sequel hits the silver screen during that time.


Makdee is a magnum opus from the indigenous stable of the genius Vishal Bharadwaj, which won the second prize at the Children's Film Festival in 2003 in Chicago. The film revolves around twin sisters Chunni and Munni played superlatively by Shweta Prasad, who are poles apart from each other. It's all thanks to the antics of the mischievous Chunni that lands the innocent Munni in big time trouble, only to deal with a witch of the highest order, the most shocking but true performance by Shabana Azmi till date! Shabana Azmi with her dreadful make-up sitting on the throne in the haunted house brings shiver to the spines and thus, lives up to tag of being referred as epitome of versatility. This film made a star out of the kid Shweta, who later went on to do some memorable roles in films like Iqbal etc…