Top actors turn doting fathers!



New Delhi, June 16 -- Hrithik Roshan

Sons: Hrehaan 6 years and Hridhaan 4 years My sons are undoubtedly the most important thing in my life. I have come to understand that fatherhood is probably the best thing that has happened to me. A smile from my children gives me the energy to work harder.

Akshay Kumar

Son Aarav 10 years Daughter Nitara: 9 months

Saif Ali Khan

Daughter Sara (19) son Ibrahim (12) Sara is studying at Columbia University. She has to finish her degree first. Luckily she's inclined towards academics. After she she completes her studies, she can do what she likes. She hasn't told me if she wants to become an actress despite such a thumping response at her first ramp show. ..My son is a huge SRK fan.

Aamir Khan

Sons: Junaid 17 years and Azad 1 year, Daughter: Ira 16 years It's a great joy to be a father again. Both Kiran and I are overjoyed to have Azad. Can't get enough of him. It's like a miracle and nothing comes close to it. I tickle his baby toes, I snuggle him. Right now he is too little, so he does not know who I am. All he knows is that somebody comes and troubles him every two hours.

Abhishek Bachchan

Daughter Aaradhya One and half year old My greatest gift to Aaradhya will be my unconditional support. As a parent, it is not about material goods. The gift parents can give their children are love, care, education and understanding. These are the most important gifts any parent can give. As far as I am concerned, taking care of the child is never just a mother's role, it's all about sharing responsibilities.