Tom Cruise takes lead in another sci-fi film


By Hindustan Times

Following up on Oblivion and All You Need is Kill, Tom Cruise has accepted a role in a sci-fi movie titled Our Name Is Adam, reveals Variety. Cruise is now officially tied to the project written by T.S. Nowlin. Our Name Is Adam, the plot of which is being kept secret, will also benefit from the involvement of Mary Parent, the producer of Pleasantville, Noah and Pacific Rim, a sci-fi movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro, to be released in the summer of 2013.

Prior to that, Tom Cruise will be back on the silver screen in Jack Reacher, a film based on the novels by Lee Child, and in Oblivion, headed for a release in April 2013. Cruise is currently busy with All You Need is Kill, directed by Doug Liman.

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  4. Happy Ending INR 20 cr.
  5. Kill Dil INR 30 cr.

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