Toast the coast!


Author : Chirag Madia

As DNA Westcoast turns 1 tomorrow, we look back upon a year of

achievements. In an effort to highlight the spirit of the western suburbs and

their people, as well as chart their path to success, we spoke to high

achievers, celebrities and individuals, who have done yeomen service to


Kailash Kher: Dreams unlimited for Kailash Kher: From jingles to


With over 500 jingles in the different advertisement and dozens of

Bollywood chartbusters to his name in the span of only over five years, the

journey was far from easy for Kailash Kher. Kher, who is considered the

future of the Indian music industry said, “In my struggling days in the city,

there was a time that I used to eat only one meal in the day.” Kher, who

hails from the capital of the country, came to the city only with one dream -

to have his own music album. “When I first came to the city in the year

2001, I was under a lot of pressure. I had incurred heavy loss in my

business and had no money to start a music career. There were many

barriers I had to face in my life here in the city, but I coped with them all

and emerged a winner.” “I met Naresh and Paresh Kamath. It was through

them that I learnt the ropes of the film industry and now they produce all

my albums. Slowly I started getting offers to sing jingles and got the break

that changed my career in the year 2002, when I was got the chance to sing

‘allah ke bande’ song for the music composers Vishal-Shekhar,” said

Kailash. After instant success of the song, it was no looking back for the

Kailash. He said, “After that song my career got a boost which it

desperately needed. After that I received several offers to sing in films and

by God’s grace all the songs were chartbusters. I had never dreamt that

one day I would become so famous.” Kailash says that, he has learnt the

ropes of the music from his father Pandit Mahashay Meher Singh Kher,

who was a classical singer. He has also heard the songs of great singers

like, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Pandit Omkarnath Thakur and got involved

in classical music. “I miss my family as my work and schedules do not

give me enough time to spend with them, so my family comes down to

meet me in Mumbai and I see to it that I give proper time to them. Never in

my life, had I thought that I will own a house in this city. Mumbai has given

me my life and I think that this is the best city in the world. It welcomes

everyone with open arms and then it depends on the person to grow,”

added Kailash. Apart from singing, the singer also likes going to adventure

places. He says, “Whenever I have some time in hand, I travel to the

interiors of Maharashtra with my friends. Here, when with nature, I get

peace of mind and immense pleasure. I never plan anything for the future,

but if there was only one wish I could make then it would be to know

where I would be in the future.” The singer signs off by saying, “I wish

DNA Westcoast all the best for the completion of one year in the city.”

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