TMK fails to impress critics


By Hindustan Times

When Sheila Ki Jawani first hit the small screen, the junta went berserk. Suddenly, Sheila was being touted as the next Munni and Tees Maar Khan as the next Dabangg. But, while Dabangg (with Munni intact) got rave reviews from the critics, Tees Maar Khan has failed to impress the critics. In fact, one reviewer has gone ahead and said that the film is not even worth a free ticket.

Nikhat Kazmi, film crictic, who gave the film 2.5 stars, wrote, " Sadly, Tees Maar Khan begins as a spoof and remains a spoof, till the very end. All the characters end up as mere caricatures and completely fail to build up an emotional quotient in the film." She feels that even though the film has colour, humour and pace but nothing seems to fall in place in terms of plot and character connect.

Tees Maar KhanIf you think that was ripping the film apart, wait till you read this one. Renuka Rao, film critic, Daily News Analysis, has termed the film a catastrophe. "Tees Maar Khan is a classic example of a cluttered film in which a hodgepodge of characters incoherently jabbers ludicrous dialogues building up an odd plot that just refuses to make any sense at any point of time," wrote Rao.

She did not even spare the superhit jodi of Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar. "The so-called superstar jodi of Hindi cinema - Kumar and Kaif - has hardly any moments together, and individually both deliver pathetic performances."

Even Taran Adarsh, who is known to support mainstream Bollywood films, has not spared Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan. " The film gets messy in the second half, especially since Farah and her team of writers attempt to pack just about everything in this hour. Also, a couple of scenes don't register well. The sequence involving the 'headless ghost' appears futile. The heist is plain ordinary and doesn't conjure up the magic on screen. The finale in the courtroom and the premiere of the film fall flat as well."

All in all, Tees Maar Khan has not lived up to critics' expectations and they have left no stones unturned to lash out at the two time hit director. Wonder if Sheila will manage to salvage the film at the box office.