They wanted my attention: Ramcharan



So much has been written about Telugu superstar Ramcharan's run-in on the road in Hyderabad on Sunday afternoon with two software engineers who were apparently roughed up by Ramcharan's bodyguards for obstructing the star's car.

However, what the reports fail to say is that the two engineers finally apologized to Ramcharan about the incident.

Speaking for the first time about the incident, the soft-spoken Ramcharan said to this writer, "The two boys came and apologized for their rash driving and for their bad behaviour."

Apparently, the two engineers also gave the police a written confession stating they purported to attract the star's attention.

Says Ramcharan, "They did submit a letter at the police station stating they put up this drama on the road with the intention to grab my attention near the traffic signal."

Ramcharan wants to thank the Hyderabad police for being fair to him and not singling him out for a harsh treatment just for who he was. "The cops really carried out the inquiry well and got to know what really happened. Thereafter they didn't lodge a complaint. I am thankful for their sense of fair play."

While Ramcharan clams up thereafter a friend of the star says, "Ram's Aston Martin is known all over Hydarabad. It is the same one that James Bond uses. When those two engineers spotted Ram's car, they decided to grab some star-attention. They hit Ramcharan's car and were damn kicked by the fact that they had bumped into a star's vehicle. Ram's security had to take care of it."


Book Ram Charan Teja for assaulting techies, AP lawyers demand
The Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee (TAJAC) approached the Hyderabad police today seeking a suo-motu case registration against Union Minister K Chiranjeevi's actor-son Ram Charan Teja and his bodyguards for allegedly beating up two software professionals.

Incidentally, the incident comes in the wake of the Supreme Court issuing a stay order on the release of the Zanjeer remake, which actors Priyanka Chopra and Teja