'There is zero vulgarity in Sunny Leone's item song Laila'



He has a lot of hit songs to his credit, such as Billo, Ganpat and Jalebi bai, but composer Anand Raj Anand’s latest offering, Laila teri le legi has been drawing extreme reactions from people for its lewd lyrics. In this interview, he justifies his work.

Listeners don’t seem to like the vulgar lyrics of your new song. What did you have in mind while writing it?
I’d like to clarify that there is zero vulgarity in the lyrics. Why judge a song by listening to just one line, Laila teri le legi? If you notice, the chorus of the song has five phrases, all of them have the word ‘teri’. So I had to use it. I can’t help it if people derive another meaning from it.

But in any item number, it’s the hook line that gets popular. Didn’t you see this coming?
The song had to suit the mood of the sequence, which is about a bunch of boys telling a guy that his girl will bring down. I’ve heard that the censor board has a problem with it. So to be on the safe side, I’ve kept a new redubbed version of the song ready where Laila teri le legi has been replaced by Laila tujhe loot legi. The rhyming went for a toss, of course, but what to do.

You have composed many songs for Sanjay’s (Gupta) films in the past. How come you worked on just one song in this movie?
That’s the only grudge I hold against him. I’m very sad that he gave me just one song to work on. I’ve requested him that in the future, he should give me an entire movie.

Why do you think filmmakers outsource the soundtrack to various composers these days?
That’s because a lot of music directors approach them. I, on the other hand, compose my songs keeping the hero in mind. I feel that the entire soundtrack should be composed by one director. Every film album is like a piece of jewellery and if you get too many craftsmen to work on one ornament, it’s going to end up looking like a confused artwork.

Will we get to listen to your music in any upcoming films?
I am signing many movies. I just completed working on Indra Kumar’s Grand Masti. And there’s also Super Nani, which is Rekha’s comeback film. You know, I’m not very good at promoting my work and I don’t keep announcing my projects. I let my work speak for itself.