There is a dearth of good roles for women: Bipasha Basu



Bipasha Basu visited HT office on Wednesday and we had her chatting about much more than her upcoming movie Aatma.

Begining with her role in Aatma, Bipasha Basu said she has evolved a lot during the shoot and it helped her learn about life. She said, "Every role teaches you something, and this particular one teaches me I will be a good mother one day. I have all these feelings."

Talking about co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bipasha Basu said that Nawazuddin admired her talents and said she could be moulded into any role. and she was totally floored by the compliment. She was also thrilled to have received a compliment from Nawazuddin, an actor from Anurag Kashyap school of films.

Moving on to broader topics, Bipasha refused to agree with the notion that more women-cnetric films are being written these days. She said, "There is a dearth of good roles for women. And when I am talking about good roles, I don't mean women-centric films. Just a bit of depth in the character, (which we) don't get."