There’s a real Ragini: Ekta Kapoor


By Hindustan Times

Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has shed a lot of things. Including her obsession with the letter K and loads of weight. What she hasn’t lost, however is her undying faith in astrology. “I have too much faith in astrologers. My so called superstitions are even helping me shed the extra kilos,” quipped the Balaji Telefims honcho on a visit to the HT City office on Thursday.

Proudly showing off the ten rings on her fingers and several lucky bracelets, she said the K-factor worked well for her while it lasted. “It was working well for me, so I stuck to it. I was told that I had a mangal dhasha for nine years. Once that ended, I dropped the letter. As you can see, my new film, Ragini MMS doesn’t start with K.”

Adding that Ragini MMS, due to hit theatres on Friday, the 13th of May, is based on a true incident of a girl whose boyfriend tried to shoot a sex MMS with her. “Contrary to reports that my film was based on the infamous DPS MMS scandal in Delhi a few years ago, it’s based on another true incident. In fact, the real Ragini will be revealed to the world on May 5.” The horror film has been shot in ‘grabbed footage’ style of the 2009 cult film, Paranormal Activity.

Change topics from her work and Ekta gets a bit fidgety. “My work has completely sucked me in. There’s hardly any time left for anything else,” she says. Not even time for marriage? “I’m still a baby. The minute I grow up mentally I know I’ll find the right guy. Then, trust me, everyone will hear about him,” she says.