Theatre Review: Five Point Someone

By Hindustan Times

Chennai, March 31 -- Review: Five Point Someone Cast: Vaisakh Shankar, Naveen Richard, Yudhishthir Rana, Avinash Rajendran, Mamta Bhisht, Devarajan, Sonu and Anand Nagarker. Direction: Sunil Vishnu Most film buffs are now familiar with Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone, a piece of fiction (or is it fictionalised fact?) that centres on life at the Indian Institute of Management. It became some kind of rage after it was filmed into Three Idiots, and the controversy it created between Bhagat and the movie producer. So, one would have thought that the theatrical version of the book, also titled Five Point Someone, would not attract much attention. However, when Chennai-based Evam, put up several shows of the play in the city recently, the auditorium was packed. It was c