Teen Diva India International 2008- MTV’s latest reality show !


By Prachi Singh, Bollywood.com News Network

After the huge success of Roadies, year after year, MTV has come up with a new reality show in 2008 called “Teen Diva India International 2008”. Like the name suggests, it is a show that clearly focuses on young teenage girls of various ages & obviously they need to convince the judges of their attitude & spunk to be crowned as the ultimate diva by the end of the show.

The show originally had 15 girls competing against one another to go to the next level but as the show is already one episode down, one of the girls (Alison) has been eliminated. The girls in the previous episode were judged on the basis of a task on wardrobe malfunction. The girls had to prevent themselves from a wardrobe malfunction while walking on the ramp for the first time but the dresses weren’t the usual dresses one can think of. They were designed by NIFT students and were crafted out of the most weirdest things one can possibly imagine- nuts, bolts, wires, flying discs, straws, rulers, CD’s, etc were what made the dresses. It was definitely not a piece of cake for the first timers but still some girls did a pretty good job as they floated down the ramp. The winner of this contest was Tanvi and she was sashayed the gilli-shining star.

Now the 14 girls are left. The contest will be naughtier & bitchier, as backbiting & groupism seems to be becoming the unavoidable part of this reality show too. There was also a round during ‘Episode 1’ in which one of the contestants- Koyal, was voted by the other contestants as “Ms. Take” – which in the lingo of Teen Diva meant the one girl who didn’t deserve to be in this reality show.

So loads of such mean things are more to come as the young divas get to taste their bits of stardom. Catch the show on Sundays 7 pm on… where else but MTV !!